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Do you give a Shift?...Control your personal economy.

As a PRO sales consultant you are looking at various indicators in the market to know when is the right time to adjust what you are doing. Most sales people wait till it's to late and then wonder why they are not earning the income they need. What should you look at everyday, week, or month? There are always key performance indicators in every industry (KPI's), you need to know what yours are... for example; volume of sales monthly, market price changes, interest rates, etc.

Here are just a couple of quick ideas that you can use to adjust, so that you control your own economy;

1. Add more prospecting hours

2. Increase the number of contacts per day

3. Focus on the end results...more appointments with qualified suspects

4. Call 5 past customers/clients per day...let them know you are still in the business

5. Exercise more consistently

6. Sleep a minimum of 6 hours

Don't let the market dictate your success...adjust so you never are held hostage by the economy. Remember millionaires have been created in down markets as well as thriving ones.